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Get Mom the Perfect Gift for Her Toyota

7 Useful Mother’s Day Car Gifts for First-Time Moms

It’s stressful being a mother, let alone a first-time mom. Just to get ready in the morning, many a sea must be navigated, many a territory must be chartered—and that’s not even taking into account the baby’s needs. This Mother’s Day, give that new mommy in your family something to help her stay sane. Here are 7 practical automotive items that every busy mother should have at her disposal when behind the wheel.

7.) Travel Diaper Changing Station

The SUV cargo area of a RAV4 can be a decent makeshift diaper-changing station, but who wants to reorganize the back just to clean up a poopy diaper? Designed by a busy mom for busy moms, the Beanko Diaper Changing System ensures you’re always ready for blowouts.

Why is it a good Mother’s Day gift? It hangs casually from the back of any seat headrest, features a handful of little storage pockets, and has a removable, washable changing pad. Once that tushy has been cleaned, simply roll the mat up and hit the road. Talk about convenience!

Get Mom the Perfect Gift for Her Toyota

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