7 Useful Mother’s Day Car Gifts for First-Time Moms

It’s stressful being a mother, let alone a first-time mom. Just to get ready in the morning, many a sea must be navigated, many a territory must be chartered—and that’s not even taking into account the baby’s needs. This Mother’s Day, give that new mommy in your family something to help her stay sane. Here are 7 practical automotive items that every busy mother should have at her disposal when behind the wheel.

7.) Travel Diaper Changing Station

The SUV cargo area of a RAV4 can be a decent makeshift diaper-changing station, but who wants to reorganize the back just to clean up a poopy diaper? Designed by a busy mom for busy moms, the Beanko Diaper Changing System ensures you’re always ready for blowouts.

Why is it a good Mother’s Day gift? It hangs casually from the back of any seat headrest, features a handful of little storage pockets, and has a removable, washable changing pad. Once that tushy has been cleaned, simply roll the mat up and hit the road. Talk about convenience!

Get Mom the Perfect Gift for Her Toyota

6.) Car Seat Covers

As a new parent, do you have any idea of the horrors that will be unleashed on your back seat? We’re talking about stains the size of Andre the Giant’s palm. We’re talking about milk soaking into the fabric for an entire weekend in August. We’re talking about melted crayons and capless markers and—you get the idea.

That’s why we suggest investing in a quality, washable rear seat cover. You can usually purchase a custom seat cover for pretty cheap, though it’s a good idea to look for a genuine OEM seat protector because they are of a higher quality and can be ordered for specific models. If you’d like to buy seat covers or order a Toyota accessory in St. Louis for Mother’s Day, contact our Pappas Toyota Parts Department at (636) 928-1212.

5.) Cup Holder Baby Bottle Warmers

Babies are so picky, right? Why can’t they just drink Gatorade and coffee like the rest of us? No, they have “specific needs” and would be “severely malnourished” if they ate adult food. If you prescribe to that logic, you’ll find that it’s fairly inconvenient to warm up formula or milk when on the road.

This is why people invented on-the-go baby bottle warmers like this Munchkin device. When the spawn becomes hungry, secure the heating band wrap around a bottle, plug it into the vehicle’s outlet, and select the length of time to apply heat. For busy moms who need an occasional break, this car bottle warmer can be a lifesaver. It may not be a highly personal or romantic Mother’s Day present, but it’s incredibly practical.

4.) Cargo Storage Solution

Staying organized is difficult enough; throw a new infant into the equation, and it’s easy to see why so many first-time parents lose track of their important belongings on a daily basis.

Sometimes the best solution to this can be found in the car. With a trunk cargo net, tote, or tray, all those commonly lost items can stay un-lost. Cargo totes can be sectioned off to store backup diapers, wipes, hand sanitizers, and kids clothing. Cargo trunk nets are great for those occasional-use items, like sunscreen, toys, and bug spray. Even a cargo tray on an SUV serves a purpose other than storage—it can act as a changing table.

OEM Toyota accessories and cargo solutions can be ordered online or at our St. Peters dealership.

3.) Lavender-Scented Car Air Fresheners

Want to steer clear of big retail chains? Get crafty and create some cheap Mother’s Day car air fresheners at home.

There are some great DIY air fresheners out there, including these three. (Our favorite is the clothespin freshener because our car vents get a ton of use once summer sets in St Louis.) No matter what you decide to craft for your Mother’s Day gift, we suggest going with a lavender scent, as it has a calming effect on infants and lactating mothers.

2.) Pacifier Clips

When a baby loses his pacifier, the entire world is his enemy; nothing comes between him and his paci. Until his hand-eye coordination catches up with his fragile emotional state, however, it’s Dad or Mom’s job to keep him happy. A pacifier clip for his infant car seat will make life a lot simpler for everyone. When he loses it in the caverns of his car seat – you know, where his leg meets fabric – all you need to do is reach in the back seat and pop it back in his cry-hole.

Hey, that’s not for mothers!” For some moms, pacifier clips are as much a Mother’s Day gift as a bouquet of flowers.* You’ll find various popular brands manufacture pacifier clips, including LouLou Lollipops, BooginHead, Madeline’s Box.

*We take no responsibility for any negative outcomes related to your singular Mother’s Day purchase of just pacifier clips.

1.) A New Toyota RAV4

Recognized as one of the best family SUVs in the country, the 2019 Toyota RAV4 puts parents in control thanks to numerous convenient features, such as Toyota’s Entune 3.0 infotainment, heated rear seats, a digital rearview mirror, wireless phone charging, hands-free power liftgate, a rear accessory power outlet, and the segment’s most thoughtful central stack.

Perhaps even better, the Toyota RAV4 comes with standard Toyota Safety Sense 2.0, which includes Road Sign Assist, Lane Tracing Assist, Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, and a slew of other safety systems.

Is the RAV4 a perfect Mother’s Day gift? Well, that depends on your definition of perfect. It’s got a great price tag, a bunch of mommy-first features, and the space to grow a family. If those sound good, then it’s probably a safe bet that the RAV4 should be wrapped up and given to the new mom in your life.

Browse our selection of Toyota RAV4 SUVs for sale near St. Louis and reach Pappas Toyota at (636) 928-1212 to set up a test drive. Conveniently located at 10011 Spencer Rd in St. Peters, MO, we have great Toyota deals for Mother’s Day, so shop and save today!




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